Off-roading in Mescal, Az

If your looking for a new area to go off-roading, Check out Mescal Rd. It is only about a 40 minute drive from Tucson! Off exit 297. The road is about 16 miles. The first three is paved and the first eight is suitable for any car. As you head through the dirt road you will see the Rincon Mts that surround the valley. Also for hikers , you can go to Forest Rd 35 if you want to hike Miller trail, I also saw a sign that said Turkey trail. Here are some photos of this area.

I managed to get this photo from outside the gate, but there are many tracks off to the right Leading towards it! Another words, a small gate won’t stop people from going in!

This western movie studio had some big Hollywood stars and movies made here! This is called Old Tucson’s sister studio and has been standing for 50 years! It was used for the movie “Tombstone” the gunfight scene. The saloon was used for the movie “The quick and the dead” also “The three amigos” so it has had many many Hollywood actors and actresses!

Going up Mescal Rd
Along the side of the road
You will see ranches, lots of cows hanging out on the side of this rd., a couple ranches.
You can go through this gate, just close it when you go through, there is no, No trespassing sign!
A lot of tall trees everywhere, very pretty!

Well, the road goes on, but I won’t spoil the rest of this trip, you gotta check it out yourself! All that’s missing is water, I see a lot of campfire rocks built in different areas, but I did not see many “No trespassing “ signs, . So just use common sense when going. Have fun!!!!! Crank up the tunes and drive!

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Activities to keep you sane in your homes

Activities to keep you sane in your homes

If you are like me”staying home” is very hard! If it is you, your spouse and kids, you need to think outside the box and be creative! Get out the board games, play twister, uno, boggle etc! Teach your kids new things! Read books and even have them read to the parents! Cooking new recipes is fun! Prayer is always good! Watch comedies together and eat some popcorn!Read the Bible, do yoga or some excercising! Train your new puppy or your dog new tricks! Clean your house, change the interior around!Sleep, listen to music, make your own pizza!

Through this hardship we are all going through, we need to be strong and work together, if you can help someone in need, but please do it responsibly. You can use social media to contact loved ones! I use e-mail and call my mom a lot while she is at home.She is elderly and can take good care of herself , so I am fortunate for this! Arts & Crafts is also a fun thing to do like resin art, painting and so many other things you can do! Use that imagination! There is so much you can do at home!Singing Karaoke is one of my favorites!

I am making awesome resin coasters to go with the candles I am making, for my new business! Since, they are contained in glass (candles) I have sterilized and cleaned them in order to sell, but With the virus and so many out of work, I just don’t know if I should hold off on selling online right now?!! Any thoughts or comments are welcome! I also love my sci-fi and action movies! Got that Netflix with popcorn! Oh wait, I already mentioned that, lol! am sure you Gt stuff you like doing during this “Stay at home” time! We are great people and we are survivors, so love one another and be courageous! Keep checking out videos on my Facebook for new and informative issues!

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Keep washing those hands and practice safe precautions all the time! Have a great day!!!

My off roading experience by Lake Roosevelt

The whole Tonto National Forest area is so gorgeous! Not only can you take your boat and go cruising on the water and fish, but you can search around for open roads to go off-roading! Yes, most areas near the Lake, the gates are closed. But we found a few dirt roads out there that are just so much fun and remote! We came across two that are definitely worth driving an OHV up and I am gonna share photos with you! Since, we practice “Social distancing” off roading is a great activity to do!

This is the place we went to, the creeks are running with clear water and you can can hike the trails out there as well! And the dirt road goes on and on!!!
Once on the road, you can look back and see Lake Roosevelt when going towards the Rock creek trail!
You will see the large Sycamore trees aligning the creek that is very remote and there where no people at all! We saw only two other couples driving in OHV through the area, smiling ear to ear!!!

If you love going deep into the canyon, and being one with nature away from it all, check out this off road! Find your place! Everything is going to be restricted even more now with The Coronavirus, so find your spot now where nothing can harm you away from people.

Water is life, so we love being by water!
Spring brings colors to life out on this OHV trail!

This off road is magnificent and I definitely recommend it! As always please continue washing hands, wear gloves and mask when needed, social distancing is in effect, but OHV is the perfect Fun activity for you!The main thing is finding places you love to go, and you will find your spot eventually! Stay safe out there and enjoy nature!

Gorgeous area ! I love Rock creek , by Lake Roosevelt!

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My off roading experience by Lake Roosevelt

My off roading experience by Lake Roosevelt

— Read on desertexplorations.com/2020/03/30/my-off-roading-experience-by-lake-roosevelt/

My off roading experience by Lake Roosevelt

My off roading experience by Lake Roosevelt

— Read on desertexplorations.com/2020/03/30/my-off-roading-experience-by-lake-roosevelt/

Social distancing during COVID-19

Man this sucks! A lot of people in Arizona are not taking this serious and they need to! Why risk it? I mean come on! I want this horrible nightmare to go away, not keep spreading and killing people! What do people not understand about staying Away from people and out of groups is so friggin hard to comprehend? I go out yes, but To very remote places where there are no people, no groups!

Let us all do our part and stay away from people! Do the right thing, Always wash your hands like you are a surgeon about to do a surgery!Wear gloves and mask if you are sick and have to be around people if you are sick or better yet STAY HOME! This is not to be taken lightly! Watch the videos I post on Facebook/ Desertexplorations.com and learn survival skills please and share! Thank you very much for doing the right thing during this time, and stay safe out there! I will keep writing and doing my part with good information! Vanessa- co-founder and owner of Desertexplorations.com