Off-roading in Mescal, Az

If your looking for a new area to go off-roading, Check out Mescal Rd. It is only about a 40 minute drive from Tucson! Off exit 297. The road is about 16 miles. The first three is paved and the first eight is suitable for any car. As you head through the dirt road you will see the Rincon Mts that surround the valley. Also for hikers , you can go to Forest Rd 35 if you want to hike Miller trail, I also saw a sign that said Turkey trail. Here are some photos of this area.

I managed to get this photo from outside the gate, but there are many tracks off to the right Leading towards it! Another words, a small gate won’t stop people from going in!

This western movie studio had some big Hollywood stars and movies made here! This is called Old Tucson’s sister studio and has been standing for 50 years! It was used for the movie “Tombstone” the gunfight scene. The saloon was used for the movie “The quick and the dead” also “The three amigos” so it has had many many Hollywood actors and actresses!

Going up Mescal Rd
Along the side of the road
You will see ranches, lots of cows hanging out on the side of this rd., a couple ranches.
You can go through this gate, just close it when you go through, there is no, No trespassing sign!
A lot of tall trees everywhere, very pretty!

Well, the road goes on, but I won’t spoil the rest of this trip, you gotta check it out yourself! All that’s missing is water, I see a lot of campfire rocks built in different areas, but I did not see many “No trespassing “ signs, . So just use common sense when going. Have fun!!!!! Crank up the tunes and drive!

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Exploring Mohave county coming soon

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So, next exploration, we are planning to go to Chloride ghost town, and I will take tons of photos to share with all of you! We will see what’s up in Mohave county together! Also, I have a lot of educational articles on other ghost towns if you want to read, besides watching the news!

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Middlemarch rd. Is a gem for off-roading

On the way to Tombstone, I found a road right before getting to the famous ghost town (tourist attraction) it is just to your left before getting to Tombstone and is even mentioned in Arizona highways! Here is a short clip of driving on this road, you will see the Dragoon Mts. Ok, I will post clip on the Facebook site, it is only 2 minutes but it gives you an idea of what you will see

It is breathtaking beauty out there, cascading canyons all over!
The air is clean and fresh, a great place to get away and enjoy nature!

So, now you know how pretty this 20 mile adventure off road is! Now go get in your car and punch in Middlemarch rd, a new place to go!

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Happy Thanksgiving and blessings your way!!!

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Exploration of Mohave county coming!

Old photo of Santa Claus, Az!

It’s time for a long road trip, unless Biden puts us on Lockdown! This time it will be out to Chloride, Az.! I will take a lot of photos and video footage of what we encounter out there in Mohave County. So next Wednesday is the day we go exploring! Yay!!!

Changes are coming, a new exploration of Alaska!

Hey everyone! Great news! We are going to Alaska this spring! So, I will be sharing with all of you ,my new adventure and sharing through Video, and photos! So, we are saying goodbye Desert, hello Pine, salmon fishing, tours And I will be finding ghost towns up there! Who knows maybe We can spot “Big foot” It will be exciting! I will have to come back to Arizona , because my family resides here, so a little of both worlds!!!! So, You will be getting videos of new and exciting places with us, my husband and I. Share, share! Now, as far as my Handmade Rossi coasters & Candles business, I will still be busy and I will not be closing it!

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History of the corn husk doll and other things you can use the corn husk for!

I was just thinking about Christmas and Thanksgiving presents and what the people of the old pioneer days gave their kids? I came across these dolls called corn husk dolls! Before the factories and doll companies existed, these must have been a treasure to kids!!! Back in the pioneer days the Native American children taught the pioneer kids .. Legend has it, the reason why the corn husk doll doesn’t have a face comes from an old legend where corn husk dolls dis have faces but one of the dolls got very vain about her face and became greedy, so that is why they turned faceless. Corn husk dolls are also used in a Celtic holiday called Lamas.

I will make a few and sell them in the Rossicoasterscandles.mystore.com, using color dyes to make them very bright!

A Native American corn husk doll.

Every part of the corn was used, The women used the corn husks to braid for rope and twine. Shredded husk were used as kindling and to fill up pillows. The corn silk is used for the dolls hair.

A vibrant Mexican corn husk doll
Another beautiful corn husk doll!

Wow, you can really get creative with these and all you need is corn husks, scissors, glue gun, color dyes and I want to make mine as not only a doll but maybe try soaking the corn husk in dyes but also essential oils to make my home smell good! Ok, I will definitely try this idea!!!! Maybe try using these corn husks in a nice fall or winter wreath! Braid the husks, add some wheat, dried flowers, imagination is running wild! Since Thanksgiving is coming, I may just start making corn husk wreaths and selling them in my store!

I would add some bright colors to this by soaking my corn husks in yellow, orange, maybe add pine cones etc!

The corn dollies are used to protect home and sign of fertility and good luck. I will make both a corn Dollie and a wreath. And archaeologists have found the corn husk dolls in the tombs of Egypt!

So, instead of spending a ton of money, I can use these corn husks and make these as gifts this Christmas!!!! As you know, or may not Christmas is coming up and it is for many of you, the most wonderful time! Let’s all try and stay positive and keep shining!

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