Off-roading in Mescal, Az

If your looking for a new area to go off-roading, Check out Mescal Rd. It is only about a 40 minute drive from Tucson! Off exit 297. The road is about 16 miles. The first three is paved and the first eight is suitable for any car. As you head through the dirt road you will see the Rincon Mts that surround the valley. Also for hikers , you can go to Forest Rd 35 if you want to hike Miller trail, I also saw a sign that said Turkey trail. Here are some photos of this area.

I managed to get this photo from outside the gate, but there are many tracks off to the right Leading towards it! Another words, a small gate won’t stop people from going in!

This western movie studio had some big Hollywood stars and movies made here! This is called Old Tucson’s sister studio and has been standing for 50 years! It was used for the movie “Tombstone” the gunfight scene. The saloon was used for the movie “The quick and the dead” also “The three amigos” so it has had many many Hollywood actors and actresses!

Going up Mescal Rd
Along the side of the road
You will see ranches, lots of cows hanging out on the side of this rd., a couple ranches.
You can go through this gate, just close it when you go through, there is no, No trespassing sign!
A lot of tall trees everywhere, very pretty!

Well, the road goes on, but I won’t spoil the rest of this trip, you gotta check it out yourself! All that’s missing is water, I see a lot of campfire rocks built in different areas, but I did not see many “No trespassing “ signs, . So just use common sense when going. Have fun!!!!! Crank up the tunes and drive!

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Hey everyone, it’s your host Vanessa, we will be exploring the territory of the Navajo National Monument and the major attractions out there! It will be a great time exploring out there, so don’t miss out, It will happen this month! I will keep you guys posted! Also I will be posting all kinds of interesting videos to our page! Thanks and share this site with everyone, this site is nothing without you guys✌️😃💕For all who love exploring and adventure, with great information on all kinds of great places, come and enjoy our fun explorations! See u soon!

Oatman, a fun tourist attraction with a great mining history!

Oatman is still one of Arizona’s richest gold mines, located on Historic Route 66.

While driving through Sitgreaves pass, which has an elevation of 3, 586 in the Black mountains in Mojave county. Built Edward Fitzgerald Beales Wagon Road over the pass and named it John Howells pass for one the men in his expedition in 1857. This road is considered a dangerous rd due to the guard rails that are basically wood and rope , very narrow and very curvy. For those afraid of heights, this is not scary, and after driving Devils highway, this is a piece of cake! These burros that come down from the mountains during the day, are the direct descendants from the burros used by the first burros used by the first gold miners back from the 1800’s with the population is about 128 and the Burro population is way more than the human population!

The scenic views are spectacular out on the Sitgreaves pass!
You can see this was once a real mining town that was once full of buildings!
We saw this and checked out the chimney that had many holes in it, looks like someone may have used it as a shooting range! It must have been a miners living quarters. You can definitely see the buildings and many remnants of the gold mining history here ! Check out the historic photos I posted and the video of driving into Oatman

So, why do so many people come to Oatman every year? Well, it is popular because of the Oatman massacre and is in honor of Olive Oatman , the young lady who’s family was killed on the Gila trail in 1851.She was kidnapped by Apache Indians and sold to the Mohave Indians This story is a popular historic piece of western culture. You can find it in books, movies, and all over the internet! I loved it because of all the history, but the burros really made this trip really fun! That is my personal opinion, so you know.

And also because Clark Gable (the king of Hollywood who starred in The iconic movie “Gone with the wind”)and his new wife had their honeymoon in Oatman. She was Carole Lombard .They were a power couple back in the 1930’s.

We had a really terrific experience on our trip to Oatman and I recommend it to anyone who is seeking adventure! The backroads are also recommended to check out for those who would love to explore and maybe you will find some gold, you never know guys!

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Happy exploring!

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Going to Oatman, Az! Exploring the territory out that way! Tons of photos and video footage! Stay tuned everyone!

Going to Oatman, Az! Exploring the territory out that way! Tons of photos and video footage! Stay tuned everyone!

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