Jerome, Az , hanging in the hillside!

I went to Jerome at Christmas time with my husband and Loved it! The town is between flaggstaff and Prescott, in The black hills of Yavapai county. As we drove up the hill, it was quite a spectacular view of houses below and above! I had heard the town was a “ghosttown” which if you like anything paranormal will instantly have your attention! We went to the top and decided to get a room at the Jerome grand hotel. Wow! The interior will take you back in time to the the early 1900’s era .when this mining town was booming.Now, it attracts people from all walks of life! Here are some pics I took at Christmas. Also the restaurant inside the hotel is very romantic and the food is delicious! Although We didn’t experience any ghosts, just loud pipes from people flushing toilets above us, but all in all, a great trip!!!!

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