The Waggoner Mansion

I have a deep passion for history and mansions. I was lucky enough to have the pleasure to see a very historic mansion in Decatur, Tx. When you first look at it, you think your in a great western movie. This mansion was built in 1883 by very wealthy ranchers, the Waggoners, who not only dabbled in ranching , but also owned banks and oil companies in the 1800’s. Their ranches extended through 7 counties, that is ALOT of acres! When I went to see it back in 2014 , it had a “no tresspassing” sign and was up for sale. It is also called”El Castille” meaning ,The castle. The architecture is Victorian. It is indeed. A masterpiece! To get a great view of this house, check it out on! Or get an aerial view through the internet!


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