Calamity in Bisbee

Driving through the town of Bisbee is an invigorating experience, a totally exciting sight! The town was founded in 1877 and was brought to life by The Copper queen mine. The first account of bereavement happened in 1883 on a cold December day. Five outlaws rode into town believing they could retrieve $7,000 from the stores, only the robbery went sour due to bad timing. They killed 4 innocent people, including a lawyer and pregnant lady. After that came 16 deaths in the mine, including a tour visitor!It was the Copper queen hotel that was built in 1902 that brought in the wealthy patrons. This Victorian and Italian villa style hotel is the longest running hotel here in Arizona and is said to have many spirits lurking! So all in all Bisbee has had a lot of paranormal activity. As old as it is and with all the tragedies, it’s plausible!Bisbee is still standing and is still a great place to visit or even live!


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