My Oh my, Mt.Lemmon!!!!

I was very blessed to have grown up in a very beautiful area in Tucson, Az. . I grew up in an area where there was no crime and I went to an elite high school named Sabino. I was surrounded by the Catalina Mts. And a prestine desert. The sunsets always dominate the skies with the most bright colors of orange, purples, pinks, and it is just like Heaven! The great thing about where I grew up was Mt. Lemmon was so close, I could drive up there every day if I wanted! My oh my!!! Mt. Lemmon was named after a botanist named Sara Plummer Lemmon and her husband. They managed to climb to the top in 1881. At an elevation of 9,159, I can understand why they named it after her!!! I went up there recently and gt some pics to share, but pics don’t do justice, you need to really be there to understand how majestic it is!!!


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