The tribes of Central America

I found out I am 40% Central American. So naturally I want to discuss this issue. And of course, find out about the Central Americans coming to America. Let’s start off by learning what the names of the 7 countries are. Belize, Costa Rica, Guatamala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama, and El Salvador.The native Lenca tribes live in the western mountains of the Honduras and the eastern region of El Salvador. It is positioned as a transitional place between the indigenous Mesoamerican cultures known as Macrochibcha. At least two-thirds of Central Americans are of mixed ancestry, a lot are European or Indian descent, called “Ladinos”in Guatamala and “Mestizos” But most of the regions Indian population is in Guatamala (The mayans) they are the indigenous people who make up two fifths of that country’s total. Only in Belize are the Indians an important element of the population. Although, it is beloved most Central Americans only speak Spanish is a misconception, as they also speak English , and a lot of them are bilingual! A lot are highly intelligent people. So, there you have it, a lesson about Central Americans.


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