The misunderstood indigenous people

As a young girl, I often looked in the mirror and wondered why I did not look like everyone else?! Everyone around me was white. I had honey gold skin and dark starry eyes! But it was okay, my parents loved me regardless and so you see I was adopted very young with no-knowledge until recently , I am 40 percent indigenous from Central America. I grew up with all Caucasian people . So, who and what are “Indigenous” people you ask. Let’s start with the definition- originating in and characteristic of a particular region or country, native, the original or Aboriginal. Basically a species is indigenous to a region of ecosystem if it’s prescience in that region as the result of only natural process with no human intervention. Every wild organism has it’s own natural range of distribution in which it is regarded as Indigenous. So basically they are the first settlers to certain areas and learned how to survive with the natural elements that surrounded them. They are intelligent and want what ever other human wants-Peace! They want to be happy and share their culture and hand the skills they were taught to their children. They want to be accepted and loved, not be misunderstood by people. They have a lot of skills, whether it be agriculture, medicine, and many other attributes to offer. Give them respect, and share this country with them. Be nice , and be understanding !


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