Clifton, a gem in Greenlee County!!!

The ride on 77 itself was littered very bad along the side of the road reaching to Safford. Then we turned left on 191 east. You can see in the video the great landscape on the way to Clifton. The historical mining town was found by Henry Clifton around 1862. Also the town is surrounded by cliffs and an amazing place in its prime!The Victorian , neoclassical structures still standing are amazing for those interested in Architecture. While exploring, you have a sense of what life was like through the town, a lot of money makers and a lot of goods going through chase creek,

I also love the Clifton train station, just awesome! And the train ,and the jail!

If you have time, it is worth checking out, a lot of great people and great artists show their work!

So , go for a great day drive and check it out, and have a great time!!!!


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