I recently  did my  ancestor Dna test and found my ancestors were The Coahuilthicans. So I did some research and learned about the hunters-gatherers. The name comes from the state Coahuila, a state in Spain. Now the Coahuilthicans lived in Southern parts of Texas at the mouth of the Guadalupe river to the San Antonia. Living on both sides of the Rio Grande- neighbors were the Karankawa, Tonkawa. To the north Jumano. Then came the Lipan Apache and the Comanche. So The Coahuilthicans were not just one band of tribes, but all the others as well! They wore practically nothing and were great at fishing. They learned to catch fish with a bow and arrow, and could catch fish underwater with their hands! So, what happened to them? Well , from what I researched The Coahuilthicans suffered at the hands of the Europeans who brought diseases and killed many entire Coahuilthicans bands. Major genocide for these Indians. Very sad! However, I just found out The Coahuilthicans are still around and the tribe is trying to federally recognized by the government, and is called the Tap Pilam Coahuilthican Nation! Good for us Coahuilthicans!!!!


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