Off-roading the Florence-Kelvin highway

Since I live near Kearney, And have not really explored that area. And I Also, Ihave a passion for off-roading! You can either take the I -79 and do this road or if you want head towards Kearney, like what I did. Now since it’s end of February, I don’t know if the anything is blooming, wishful thinking! Probably not til April and June. So this off road is 32 miles one way. If your from Phoenix, go east on U.S Route 60 for 21 miles to 79 (Pinal Pioneer Parkway) turn right on 79 and continue 18 miles to Florence-Kelvin highway and turn left (east) go all the way to state route 177. You don’t need a Jeep or high clearance vehicle to go check it out! Yes, It goes to Kelvin which is near Kearney, which also has great hiking trails. But, For me I want to take in the landscape and fresh air and share my pics with you. I was thrilled to drive this backroad, what fun! And the poppies growing everywhere! Not to mention wild boars, all kinds of desert wildlife! You will enjoy taking this backroad, Very green and lush desert landscape!!!!


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