Belize in pictures, a trip to Punta Gorda

We recently took a trip through Belize and saw both beauty and poverty, a paradise of lush green jungle and an array of blues in different shades. We experienced the food, the sweet people who rough it everyday, the chocolate, and the Inn by the sea, and a deserted resort in the Caribbean Sea, these are the photos I captured in a deep exploration of Belize.The remote island once accommodated Hollywood stars, still stands after 6 years, a heaven in Belize. This island has a lot to offer, yet, still the people rough it everyday. You will see busses running everywhere, and mothers and babies on bikes, both regular and motorcycles, drivers with no speed limits and, yet not many jobs to offer, they have rice, cocoa, fruit trees everywhere, an abundance of crops growing. So, Yes, Belize is worth going to and you will love it! Punta Gorda is an awesome place to check out, and so are all the other places!


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