The Besh Ba Gowan Archaeological Park and the Salado Indians

If your into architecture or archaeology like myself, you will be interested in this place. The Salado Indians are pre-historic southwest Indians who dwelled in the Tonto Basin area, around where the Lake Roosevelt is now,  They built the amazing cliff dwellings They were extremely wise in farming and creating art, in which they are best known in black, white and red pottery! They made cliff dwellings in the Tonto Basin area and did a lot of trading with other pre-historic Indians, such as puebloans. They mastered at  building  shelters with stones and  whatever was in the natural surroundings. They ate deer meat, cacti and grew crops on a constant basis. Nobody knows exactly what became of them, some archaeologists believe their disappearance was due to  a drought, I found this place to be astonishing and full of intriguing artifacts. I really find it amazing how brilliantly and well constructed these Indians built the structures and how they have stood the test of time! The Salado Indians were very resourceful with a great achievement of casting copper bells in wax molds and made sandals out of Yucca and Agave. They knew how to build shelters using mud and rocks. Genius!

If you would like to visit this great archaeological park in Globe, it only costs

Adults- $5.00 Seniors-$4 Kids-FREE!

Open 9-4:30 @ 1324 S Jesse Hayes Rd. Globe, Az

Summer hours July 1-September 30 will be closed



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