The story of Gordon Hirabayashi & the prison camp on Mt. Lemmon

It was during Ww2 and Roosevelt stood as president. It was during ww2 when Pearl Harbor was hit by the Japanese. A very sad time for America. It was at that time when Roosevelt had authorized military commanders to secure areas from which “any and all people may be excluded.” The Japanese American living on the west coast had a curfew and other rules before being removed of internment camps. Gordon Hirabayashi was considered a Civil rights hero for resisting to the Japanese-American internment during this time.He believed everyone was equal. Unfortunately Gordon was convicted of violating the curfew and appealed to the Supreme Court and he won! He stood up for freedom and had a deep passion to set things straight, a strong and brave man, indeed, he was! The prison camp was established in 1939. It was called the Catalina Honor camp or Tucson federal prison camp and its purpose was to hold prisoners who were subject to the Ww2 incarceration of the Japanese. There were only 46. The prisoners were there to build the highway from Tucson to the mountains. Gordon actually hitchhiked all the way from Washington to this camp!Here are some pics.

All that’s left are the foundations of the prison camp.


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