Duquesne, a forgotten ghost town In Patagonia-Sonoita

My idea and path was in front of me . Nothing was gonna stop me from succeeding my mission to locate a ghost town hidden in the Coronado national forest. For an explorer like myself, I have to be vigilante and even brave . I go out into the unknown into the abyss. I heard about a bunch of them near or around Patagonia-Sonoita. They have a story to tell and I will tell it. I heard about Duquesne and the name caught my attention right away. This mining town was booming in the 1800’s early 1900’s. I drove 5,000 feet up into the Patagonia mountains to search for it. It was George Westinghouse of Washington electric company had bought a bunch of claims in Patagonia and was organized and run by Duquesne mining reduction company. In 1890 the Washington Camp ( you will see this sign on Duquesne Rd) on your way up the dirt road..spectacular scenery but the border patrol lurk everywhere on this road. It was said this town also had a Victorian house for George Westinghouse, a schoolhouse and cemetery. I choose to respect the no trespassing signs when I go exploring, and hope others do to. This is all I found up there.


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