A drive through Apache trail

My husband seems to think he is a nascar driver at times and was insistent we took the great and wonderful trail on a Sunday afternoon. And as a matter of fact, the Apache trail had been used by Moving Proving grounds to test tires and vehicle maneuverability. But, let’s go back to the question of when and why the Apache trail was built? The construction was also called The Tonto Wagon Rd, and it began on August 29th, 1903. It was used for stagecoaches to travel through. Apache Indians worked very hard on this 40 mile trail. Just remember, When you get to Fish creek , you can pull over to the left and take some great photos, and just walk around. I absolutely love both Canyon lake and Apache lake. You can go boating, fishing and camping there as well as ride your jet skis around!!!! Just make sure before you do this trail, fill up your tank and bring a gallon or more of water. The last place you want to break down is on this trail, especially in summer! I personally think Spring is the best time to go because of all the gorgeous cacti blooming! I took a bunch of pics to share with you. Just remember to use common courtesy for others on this path and don’t tailgate and make room for other drivers! It is worth your time to take the great Apache trail and have a great time!

Fish creek
Apache lake
All the animals that live out in the desert
After a good rain, everything starts getting greener and more colors of the desert start to break out!
At the end of the trail is the Roosevelt dam , then once you pass that, Roosevelt lake!!! A fabulous trail to take!

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