Collosal Cave

After driving up a road full of potholes, we entered the parking area. First we see a map

Statue of a miner, standing outside on the patio.
Entrance to cave
View from patio

Close up shot of entrance

In order to go into cave, you have to go into the gift shop and purchase tickets

Inside gift shop
You must wear one of these hard hats inside cave.
It costs $18 bucks for a 45 minute tour

First I want to discuss some facts about Collosal cave.

Collosal cave was formed 10 & 20 million years ago. Made into a natural formation of limestone called Escabrosa. Back then Arizona was covered by the sea. Collosal cave has awesome formations of draperies,flow stone,stalactites, and stalagmites. The story of its discovery was by a cattle rancher named Solomon Lick. It was back in the 1880’s that a bunch of bank robberies had occurred and gold was stolen. You can read about the famous “Bandit Legend” if you want. Pretty interesting story! It was around 1923 that the tours of Collosal cave started.It was in 1917 when an archaeologist named Bryon Cummings led expeditions into the cave, and found Native American artifacts and two skeletons.

Bryon Cummings, archaeologist

A man by the name of Virgil Earp was the deputy who, along with 30 other men went searching for the robbers. Then Earp moved to Tombstone in 1880 and became famous for the “Gunfight at the OK corral in 1881

Virgil Earp

If you want to experience Collosal cave yourself and learn more , just head out 22 miles southeast of Tucson in the gorgeous Sonoran desert, in the town of Vail. A great place to go and get out of the heat!

Here are two formations that are famous in Collosal cave

“The frozen waterfalls “
“The praying nuns”

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