You’ve got to explore the Coronado Cave!

When I heard about this cave, I knew I just had to check it out!!! Legend has it Geronimo, the great Apache warrior hid in this cave and who could blame him?!!! So, I decided it was time for me to head out and find this cave in Hereford, Az. It is also called Geronimo’s cave, Montezuma’s vault. So, I got in the car and headed on out . After driving through Huachuca, I started noticing all the great scenery, a lot of hills and a lot of trees. Quite a peaceful drive during a weekday. And then I finally saw this sign!

After my short drive to the Coronado memorial building, I went inside, thinking I had to sign in. But the lady just told me to follow the sign on up.

I thought I would never get there! Until….

My plan was not to slip and break my leg!

The descent into the Coronado cave can be a little intimidating To some.


Published by Rossi

I am an artist, explorer and writer, I love history and archaeology. I love to research new territories and have a deep passion for ghost towns, and new places! I am also a mother to 2 grown kids! I also have my own Candle and coasters business Rossi Coasters & Candles L.L.C.

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