The Ft. Bowie cemetery and the stories of the people buried there!

When you walk the Ft.Bowie trail, the last thing I was thinking about was who died there and how! I was thinking about how beautiful the landscape is and where I could sit down! But when I got to the cemetery, I got sad. I can’t explain why, but here’s what I learned.

The people buried here, all have interesting stories. In March 1895, the army moved all the officers enlisted, military dependents and unknown people to the National cemetery in San Francisco. Here are the names and stories of the people at this graves here @ Ft. Bowie.

Julian Aquiiera, a 46 year old mail carrier was en route from Ft.Bowie to Tucson and then the Apaches killed him only 4 miles west of Ft.Bowie.

A six year old by the name of James F. Walker who was run over by a wagon.

H.B. Elliot- He arrived at the Ft. as a passenger in 1875 and died of T.B.

Milton Sage, a 32 year old who died of Pneumonia in 1884.

John Finkle stone, became a U.S.marshall in April of 1867 and was appointed as collector of customs for El Paso Del Norte and moved to Tucson. He also helped organize the Apache pass mining company in 1868.This company was made to develop the Harris Lode mining district near Ft. Bowie(pretty interesting) So John got on the stagecoach to get to Tucson with a driver and four other soldiers, when the Apache Indians killed all of them near Dragoon springs.

John Slater, had served with the California Volunteers during most of the civil war. He was in charge of getting back the stolen horses that the Indians took, along with 30 other men.He was injured badly and was killed at Helens dome(west side).

Leonardo Orosco died at Ft. Bowie a sudden death. Aaron J.Bice, John Petty, and Thomas Donovan we’re killed only 5 miles from Ft. Bowie.

One of Geronimos sons, the soldiers loved him!

Little Robe, his brother, two of Geronimos wives, and five other women were captured as prisoners near Nacori, N.M. Brought on August 7, 1885. The other brother was named Fenton. They say The soldiers really loved Little Robe, and he died of dysentery.

Traditionally the Apache Indians bury the dead by putting them in small caves or finding deep holes in the ground made naturally and then cover with the natural environment, like dirt, rocks, yucca plants and anything of the earth.

Stagecoach that carried mail and transported passengers.
Along the Ft.Bowie Trail are these pretty flowers.
The views are gorgeous !
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