American ghost towns

America is rich in history with an abundance of stories that still fascinates millions to this day. I , myself think of ghost towns as a a beautiful piece of art, standing still in time. How can such innocuous buildings draw so much attention? With even such brutal and harsh landscapes , people became tough enough to travel to these unknown territories. What could possibly make people go the distance? A lust for wealth and a new beginning for miners, settlers, families and others.

Here is a list of American ghost towns to check out!

Arizona-Jerome, Ruby, Goldfield, Castle dome, Vulture, Tombstone, Gleeson, Pearce, Courtland, Swansea, Clifton

Tombstone, Gleeson, Pearce. Courtland

California-Bodie, Calico

Colorado-St. Elmo

Texas-Thurber, & Terlingua

Rhyolite, Nevada

Virginia city and Nevada city

Montana-Bannack, Garnet, Berlin

Alabama-Cohawba and Kennecott, Am

I will be visiting Bodie ghosttown this beginning of June and exploring The city of Bridgeport, Ca, ! Very exciting! Thank you for reading and please Follow my travel blogs on for more informative blogs!


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