Rattlesnakes and Ammonia

Today, I am going to discuss rattlesnakes, and explain the different kinds, the law, how to keep them away and keep yourselves and your loved ones, and pets safe!!Now, I am not very keen to these creatures and have come across only two in my life. Thank you god!!!!And yes I ran as fast as I could, after hearing the rattle! Here are seventeen different rattlesnake species . Starting with the most feared in Arizona. But first, you need to know that Rattlesnakes are a group of venomous snakes of the genera Crotalus and Sisturus of the subfamily Crotaline. The scientific name Crotalus comes from the Greek and means “Castanet” The name Sisturus is latinized from the Greek word “tail rattler”, and shares its roots with ancient Egyptian music instruments called Sistrum.

Here are the names

1. Western diamondback

2.Arizona blacktail

3.Speckled-Arizona speckled


5.Grand Canyon



8.Branded Rock

9.Western Massachusetts, Pygmy

10 Prairie, Western

11 Arizona black

Great Basin

Sidewinders- venomous pit vipers also in N.M., which are the Sonoran, Colorado, and the desert sidewinder.

Now about the law and Rattlesnakes! The question is “Can you kill a rattlesnake?” While it is against the law to kill them. It’s legal in urban properties, but may be illegal in the outdoor areas. The fine for killing a snake is $50- $2500 bucks depending on the judge.

Here are some safety tips to keep Rattlesnakes away! Since snakes eat rodents, keep them under control. Cover the holes and cover or fill them in real good! Mothballs are not effective. Get rid of tall vegetation , heaps of rocks(they love to hide under) and any lumber. Don’t use sulfur. Never put your hands where you can’t see them!!!if you see it, don’t patronize and stand very still!

The fact is this, Rattlesnakes HATE the smell of ammonia! Yes, it is true. If You put ammonia in plastic bags. Around where you have found or seen them, they will leave the area. Try it and see what happens! Let me know!

Also, if you or your pet gets bitten, don’t FREAK out, stay calm and get your pet to a clinic to be safe and for us humans, go to the hospital or emergency clinic as soon as you can!

Thank you for reading and please share! I hope this comes in handy for you! Please show respect to wildlife and leave Rattlesnakes alone! Thank you!


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