Lozen, The strongest female Apache warrior

A photo of Lozen

Very rarely do we hear about female fighters of the southwest. Because, for the Apaches, females are sacred, givers of life. See, Lozen is probably not even her real name. Apache warriors used nicknames or names given to them. Little Lozen was born in what used to be called “Apacheria” now present day New Mexico by the “warm springs or Ojo caliente. She had a deep connection with the land and was more interested in playing military tactics with the other boys, learning fighting strategies. Lozen had spiritual gifts and learned the lands medicinal properties in the cacti and all the other plants of the Southwest. She had a big brother named Victorio, who considered Lozen as his “right hand man and his guide.” Although, there are hardly any photos of her, the few show a beautiful dark eyed lady with black shiny hair with hints of blue due to the darkness of here long hair. Her high cheekbones resemble the strength she had and her eyes sparkled like a night sky of diamonds. It was evident how much she loved her Chilhenn Chiricahua Apache band and when she learned of the white men encroaching on their land. She prayed to her god named Usser. With her arms outstretched, she would chant this “upon this Earth on which we live, Ussen has power and the power is mine for locating the enemy, in search for that enemy which only Ussen the great can show me.” It was known that she had magical powers and counseled Victorio, Geronimo, Nana, And other Apache chiefs about war, religion, and matters of the tribes livelihood. Victorio said “Lozen is strong as a man, braver than most and cunning in strategy, a shield to her people”. Lozen and her big brother fought many battles together with the neiboring Mexicans, U.S. government and the white settlers who trespassed on their land.

In 1869, the Apache leaders including Victozio and Lozen met with the U.S government to strike up a peace plan or get a land grant to pay for a reservation near Ojo caliente. However, in the time the Chilhenne were moved to the Mescalero Rez near Tularosa and then moved to San Carlos Reservation . “Hells forty acres” a place where many Indians died due to the harshness. Lozen never married, yet it is said she had a companion named Dahteste, a beautiful Apache woman who also fought alongside Geronimo. Although Lozen grew up in America’s bloodiest history, she remained the prophet, medicine woman and the baddest female warrior and is not to be forgotten!

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