The really sad story of Pocahontas

We all love the story of the beautiful Indian princess named Pocahontas.Such a lovely sweet and beautiful Native American girl who saved John Smith’s life. Well this is all indeed a big fat lie! First, Pocahontas real name was Mantoaka, known as “Flower between two streams.”Born in 1595 to her mother, Pocahontas and daughter of Chief Wahunseneca who was the ruler of the Powhatan , the strongest included around 30 Algonquian communities in the Tidewater region of Virginia. There was absolutely no romance between John Smith and Pocahontas in 1607, when the Colonists came. At that time she was only 10 years old and thought of John Smith as a father figure!

After the colonists came, they were very cruel to the natives. The natives were highly skilled farmers and grew many vegetables and the men knew how to hunt very well for meats. But the colonists were not as knowledgeable and relied heavily on the tribes. The colonist threatened them when they were under harsh conditions from the weather, telling them that they will burn down their homes if they didn’t give them food and supplies! The natives were scared of John Smith as he would pull out his gun and put it to their heads if they didn’t give him food! These colonists were total assholes (excuse the language, but it is true) and they even raped the native women!!!!

And as for Pocahontas saving John Smith’s life, Nope that was a story he told Queen Anne! And even wrote a book in 1612 about this! According to the Mattaponi, Pocahontas father actually grew fond of John Smith and offered him the honor of “leader of the colonists” recognized by the Powhatan tribe. This meant the colonists had access to more land with wild game and seafood. Afterwards, it was John Smith that lies about Pocahontas saving his life. According to the Mattapori oral and written accounts, there was no reason to kill a man who was received honorable by the chief!!!!So, you see Pocahontas was truly an innocent girl who loved a native man and had no interest in John Smith ! The poor girl was lured onto a ship by Samuel Argail and kidnapped! Where she was referred to as “civil savage” . Pocahontas was very intelligent at 12 when they kidnapped her.She was then taken because Samuel Argail demanded Pocahontas brother, Chieif Japazzaw to give Pocahontas up or suffer violence upon his tribe. Pocahontas‘ brother felt he had to give up Pocahontas to save his tribe and thinking it was just temporary! He believed the lies that came out of his mouth.

Before leaving ,

he gave Pocahontas brother a copper pot for trading in His sister.Pocahantas native husband’s name was Kocoum and they had a baby together. When Kocoum went back to the village, he was murdered by the colonists!

So, while on the ship, Pocahontas became very depressed and declared rape! Which of course is highly possible, and is very sad! This lady was betrayed by the people she and her people trusted! She was told lies and that her father didn’t love her or he would’ve rescued her!

Pocahontas met a man by the name of John Rolfe and it was not for love, but for his purpose to create a Native alliance for Tobacco production. Another words he knew how good the Natives grew tobacco and used her to get his business. The colonists changed Pocahantas name to Rebecca, turned her to Christianity and made her wear English clothes That she found so uncomfortable that she would tear them off!

She never saw her people again and died. Some speculate TB, dysentery or pneumonia. Her husband John Rolfe said her last words where “All must die, but it’s enough that my child liveth” Only 22 years old at death.

So now we know what a beautiful and selfless lady she was and how brutally sad the real story is!


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