What is inside the Superstition Mt. Museum?

If you want to escape the heat and find a place that doesn’t cost much to get in, the Superstition Mt museum is one of the best places to check out! It only cost us $10 bucks!!! For two people, that’s cheap! As you park in the museum parking lot, you get the view of the magnificent Superstition Mts.! What a view!!!!

Isn’t it awesome!
Upon entrance, you see plenty of great literature from archaeology to southwest legends!
When going through the steel gates, you see all the animals that live in the desert

After you see these animals, comes the Ancient Indian artifacts from hundreds of years ago!

From the Apaches, Salado, Hohokam and Many others who lived in and around the Superstition Mts.
All kinds of spearheads!

Geology and geography of the Superstition Mts. Of 30 million years ago and now contains 160,200 acres!

Gila monster is considered the Largest native to the United States!

Also has Petroglyphs and Hohokam and Navajo pottery and Navajo loom

A gorgeous Navajo loom!
Ancient moccasins wore on a Native American
A display showing all the Native Americans that use to live in the Superstition Mts.

The museum also teaches about the Spanish & Mexican Period. The Peralta stones. Even though there is no documentation, people still believe they are treasure maps leading to treasure.

An old drawing of a man panning for gold

Also educated you about the Military in Az. And about the Buffalo soldiers. There are great informative displays about the gold seeker, Jacob Waltz. To this day gold seekers still search for the lost Dutchman mine.

A beautiful photo of the Superstition Mts!

There is also displays of the great artist Ted Degrazia!

A statue of Ted deGrazia
Ted was highly influenced by natural setting of the Indians , animals and desert landscapes!

Also the museum talks about a man named Hacksaw Tom who was known in 1905-1915 for robbing the stagecoaches that traveled the Apache trail.

Last but not least is Apacheland. Built in 1959, was the “Western movie capital of the world” burnt down by fire on Valentine’s Day in 2004.

Many great western movies were made here!
The Elvis chapel is really awesome!
Filmed at Apacheland
A lot of movie posters are portrayed on the walls of the Elvis chapel with lace curtains framing them!
Rare photos of Elvis are on the walls!

Museum hours are 9-4 P.M.


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