The destruction of the Domes in Casa Grande

I have heard so much about the Domes and how Satanic rituals happened their. Even “Ghost adventures” had an episode in them! So, I decided for myself to see what it was like to explore these domes! At 103• temperature, It was like walking into hell. Dammmm hot!!!! This is what I approached.

A post apocalyptic appearance, caterpillar shaped domes.

My mind was excited to see this place. It reminded me of U.F.O spaceships or a movie set. But this place has a story to it, it was once someone’s dream, a dream that was real for a business woman by the name of Patricia Zebb was the owner of a company called Inner-Conn Technology back in the 80’s. They made circuit boards for computers and watches, although I don’t know what watches have circuit boards????

Yes, there may have been satanic rituals, dead animals and other demonic activity, but what I saw was a whole bunch of cracks in the cement and garbage everywhere!

Nothing scary here guys!

Here are pics of these buildings, I was more scared of it falling down on me, more than anything!

Someone likes Pink Floyd, good song!
Good place to get out of the sun!

So, basically, this place is not scary during the day and the I did not find any dead animals! This place is though, falling down! I heard the land is for sale, but I don’t know how much.

The Domes are falling down as the years go by.

So, here you have it, nothing here except the destruction of the Domes in Casa Grande. I give it about a year or so, it will be no more!

Thank you for reading this and please share!


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