The Pima air & Space museum

If you love aviation and anything to do with flight, you gotta check out this place!!! Admission is $16.50 for one adult. You pay it in the museum gift shop, which is filled with all kinds of hats, shirts, stuffed animals and much more! Admission for senior citizens (65 or older) is $13.75, kids are free and you can bring your dog as long as it is leashed! HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday to Friday 9-5 P.M. Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas! Established May 8, 1976, HISTORY; In the Aviation Hall of Fame! non- government funded . This museum has 6 indoor exhibit hangars, with three dedeicated to WW2. There are nearly 300 aircrafts spread over 80 acres on a campus occupying 127 acres. Also, if you want to checkout the awesome Boneyard please make reservation 10 days in advance please! Here are the photos of the inside of this gigantic museum!

The gift shop!
Main building that holds the planes, helicopters, and jet fighters inside.

Upon entrance, you will be amazed as to how Huge the building is!

In the front, an alignment of the missiles, bombs and descriptions of each one with great detailed information to each one!
Mars 2 Rocket pod
If you love video games where your a pilot, you will love these!
Helicopter used in the Vietnam nam war

Not only does this museum have the different fighter jets used for ww1 and ww2, it has 80 acres total of planes outside as well! This place has it all and everything is so well organized!

Come inside and learn to fly!
Yep, that’s me playing around!
A lot of gadgets to memorize!
Gotta love the Blue angels!!! I sure love them!

Outside the museum are hundreds and hundreds of rows of planes!
This airplane had propellers on it, after that came the jet planes
This is the plane that flew the American presidents Kennedy and Johnson
Red, white and blue stripes on this plane shows American pride !

TWA , Trans World Airlines filed for third bankruptcy and was acquired by American Airlines, which was one of the “Big four” domestic airlines formed by the spoils conference of 1930. It ceased it’s operation on December 1, 2001.

So, as you can see, this place has it all and is worth a trip, especially if you love aviation like I really do! Someday, I will learn to fly, after I get over my fear of heights, lol!

Thanks for reading, keep checking for new and exciting blogs! Thanks and have a great, blessed day!


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