Theodore Roosevelt and The International wildlife museum

Theodore Roosevelt in his Ranch attire at his Dakota ranch, 1885.

Just 5 miles west of I-10 at 4800 W. Gates Pass is a huge castle like building with a huge statue of a lion that looks like its roaring.

Statue in front of museum
The sign upon entrance of the museum

This museum focuses on Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation legacy. It was opened in 1988 and established by C.J Elroy as an educational program that was called “Safari club International foundation.” It has 40,000 sq. Ft. And features over 400 species of mammals, birds, You name it, whatever animal you can think of, this museum brings it! If you have kids, bring them here and they will have a blast!It holds hundreds and hundreds of taxidermy displays and dioramas.

One of the desert Mt. Lions in the night time dioramas, hate to encounter this guy at night in the desert!

It showcases a great African safari room, that has a decorated wall of mounted deers from all over America. It has bears, leopards and tigers from Africa, in which Theodore Roosevelt had traveled to conserve. Here are some photos.

Old photo of the president and his brother

Theodore Roosevelt also created 18 National monuments, 150 National forests and 51 Bird reserves.

Theodore Roosevelt dedicated all these sites as National monuments.

At $10 bucks each for adults, you will absolutely love this museum! Heck, bring the whole family! Afterwards, you can eat here!

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