Vulture city, a ghost town rising from the dead


Right outside Wickenburg, Az in the desolate and hot desert, lies this historic ghost town. We left early on a Saturday morning, since the hours of operation are Saturday’s and Mon-Friday from 9-3 P.M. Upon parking in the lot, a nice lady appeared from the back of what used to be the school building, now turned into the admissions office. The nice lady charged us $15 bucks each, And spoke to us .She also mentioned that paranormal activity happens and gave us this poster. she stated that they put over 2 million in reconstruction of this ghost town to bring it back to life as a tourist attraction.

They say 18 miners were hung at the tree here for stealing !

So, let’s start from the beginning. This place was founded by a man by the name of Henry Wickenburg, he gave the city it’s name, after he found an abundance of gold there, and shot at the scavenging vultures flocking overhead. Vulture city contains a post office, school, cookhouse, gas station, doctor and brothel building, saloon, assay office (where they process gold and silver) and living quarters for the assay workers. Down below are the equipment used for the Vulture mine.

Air compressor
Air compressor
Ore bucket
Wells Fargo post
Assay office/ Living quarters
Inside the Assay office, this building was made from the ore from the mine. The walls contain over 600,000 in gold and silver!
Vault is underground, where some of the miners would steal from, then be hanged on the hanging tree. They put a stone under there feet, and kicking out the stone, sometimes taking up to two hours to die.
Inside Assay building
A refrigerator from that era in its original form

By 1863, this city was the most successful, with Up to 5,000 people and 340,000 0z. Gold. Worth today would be a whopping 430 million today! in 1942, seven men were killed when a large underground chamber collapsed on them and their twelve burros.

Here is the Doctor and brothel rooms.

Dr.s office
The original post from this bed dates back all the way from the 18th century!
Original Old piano, is rumored to sometimes play by itself
The bunk house
Inside the bunk house
Frame of an old vehicle lie outside in the scorching heat

Unfortunately, Henry Wickenburg became destitute and shot himself in the head next to the hanging tree on May 4, 1905. Vulture mine lasted until 1942 when it was closed on order by govt. Slowly, this place is being well preserved and ready for tourists and all people are welcome. Here is a number you can call to ask questions 1-877-425-9209

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  1. Great post! Looks like a fun place to explore and get in touch with the past!

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