The mini Time machine; museum of miniatures

The Nutty professor miniatures! This is called a miniature effect, a physical model of a larger object used to represent it in film making!

This museum in Tucson displays a very large collection of antique and contemporary miniatures in addition to the permanent collection. It exhibits a lot of miniature houses from the early 18th century on up. It is a great way for people to showcase their homes and display the interior of them. Miniature models are commonly made of metal, plastic, or paper and are used to augment the visual aspects of a game and track position facing and line of sight of characters. You may ask what is so important about miniatures? Here is why. In ancient Egypt, archaeologists have found miniature figures of Egyptian toys, figurines, showing the archaeologists so much information and helping them with research. It helps architects, interior designers, toy and film manufacturers to design new and innovative ideas into reality.

Kewpie doll
So tiny!
Someone did a great job building this “fairytale castle”
The back of the castle
Everything is Christmas here!
This is all set in the floor! I stepped on it, thinking I would break the glass, but not so, pretty strong glass!
The creepy hollow house for Halloween
The three witches

So, this museum is not only educational but entertaining as well! And the price for two adults being only $7.00 each and kids free. They also have storytelling and other activities for kids! This is a high rated museum and worth checking it out here in Tucson, Az! They have a website you can check out for more details!

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