A peregrination into Prescott, Az.

The Prescott National Forest covers 1.25 million acres And has many hiking and camping facilities throughout this forest!

A great way to escape the sweltering heat, is an escapade to Prescott,az.! Prescott is in Yavapai county and is st an elevation of 5,374. In 1864 Prescott was designated as the capital of the Az. Territory replacing the temporary capital. Then in 1867 it was moved to Tucson. But Phoenix ultimately became the final capital in 1889. Prescott is only a two hour drive from Phoenix and three from Tucson.

As you enter into the downtown district, you will notice a lot of the buildings and houses look to be from the 18oo circa. Here are some of the houses and buildings that caught my attention.

A drive up Whiskey row
A great thing to do is walk around and check out downtown!
If you love shopping and love arts and craft fairs, you will love it here!

There’s lots of lakes to go boating, fishing and camping at! We went to the Heritage park and only costs $3.00 per car, The heritage park is next to a zoo, if you want to check it out! Here are photos I took .

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