A peregrination into Prescott, Az.

Beautiful scenery all around Willow lake And great walking trails!
The boat dock at Willow lake, where you can go canoeing or go fishing here.

Both the Watson and Willow lakes were created as reservoirs by Chino Valley irrigation district. WAtson lake was named for Senator James Watson of Indiana who invested in Chino valley irrigation projects and resulted from the 1916 damming of granite creek and Willow lake was created by the construction of Willow creek dam, a civilian Conservation corps public works project in 1935. WAtson lake is not far from downtown. The only thing negative I can say about The lakes is you can’t swim in them. Why? Because the water is not clean enough to do so and if you do and get hurt, you can’t sue the park for your negligence. So use common sense before you get in the water! But for photographers this place is considered Heaven!

There are also other Great Lakes to check out in Prescott like the Lynx and Goldwater as well! So, if your looking to cool down, or just relax, Prescott is a very good spot!!! I highly recommend you go and see for yourself to decide!

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