The Apache kid and the kelvin grade massacre

Legend says the Apache kid was most fierce next to Geronimo!

The Apache kid had a real name, and it was Haskaybaybayntayl (Haskay-bay-bay-Nay-ntayl) he was born in 1860 on The San Carlos reservation and came from the White mountain Apache band. He learned English very young and took odd jobs in Globe, az. . His name was to difficult to pronounce, so the people in Globe called him “kid”. The Apache kid met and became good friends with Al Sieber, a well respected German-American, who fought in the civil war and in the American old west. Al became a prospector and was the chief of scouts. In 1881, the Apache kid enlisted in the Indian Scout and excelled, becoming a Sergeant.

What happened to him next changed his life forever. In May of 1887, the Apache kid was left in charge of the Indian scouts and guardhouse in San Carlos, when Al Sieber and Captain Pierce tended to business.

Apache kid and the other Indian scouts

It was the drink called “‘tis-win” fermented fruit and corn that ignited the party, and in a drunken frenzy, a man named Gon-Zizzie had killed the Apache kids father. Revenge set in his mind, and he decided to take action, killing Gon-Zizzie and his brother. When Al Sieber and Captain Pierce came back, they ordered all the scouts to disarm their guns. Shots were fired, hitting Al Sieber and wounding his ankle, indefinitely. This is where the mystery starts, no one knew for sure who the perpetrator really was and The Apache kid was blamed. The army was called in quickly, sending in troops to catch the Apache kid and other scouts. For many weeks they tracked them along the San Carlos River, finally catching them in the Rincon Mts. Eventually surrendering. The kid was charged with mutiny, and desertion, and sentenced to die by firing squad. General Miles didn’t like this verdict and ordered a different sentence. The kid and the others were sent to San Carlos then Alcatraz .On October 13, 1889, in Gila, people wanted The Apache kid tried for murder in the wounding of Al Sieber.

Al sieber

The Apache kid was eventually sentenced and he along with some of the other Apache Indian scouts and a Mexican criminal were to be imprisoned at “hell-hole” Yuma territorial prison. Sherriff Glen Reynold and Sherriff Holmes were in charge of this stagecoach journey on a chilly November 2, 1889.The 9 prisoners were shackled and placed inside the stage coach.

Two sheriffs in charge were these men.

Sherriff Glen Reynolds
Sherriff William A. Holmes

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