The Apache kid and the kelvin grade massacre

The month was November, and it was very cold. The stagecoach driver, stopped in Riverside, Kearney, Az and was too tired to drive.

Old adobe home in Riverside, the area by what is now the Kelvin-Florence highway
The kelvin-Florence highway goes uphill making it difficult for the stagecoach to go up.

The kelvin grade massacre happened when the stagecoach reached Riverside, about 4 miles west when the stagecoach reached the Zellwegger wash. A low point at the base on a long steep grade. The sand and weight of the prisoners along with the Apache kid made it difficult to travel plus it was freezing!Sherriff Reynolds let them out, 6 out of the eight, one Mexican and seven Apaches, so they could walk up the hill, The Apache kid remained in the coach with another prisoner. The driver, Eugene Middleton continued driving and was supposed to wait at the top of the hill until the prisoners caught up! The prisoners planned an escape as the coach got far ahead. Shots were fired and Middleton heard them, in assumption, he thought the Sherriff had shot at the prisoners to keep them stable. Not knowing they were killed!The lone Mexican started to take Sherriff Reynolds gun, coat and started to drive the stagecoach. The Apache kid intervened, he was going to shoot Sherriff Reynolds when the kid told him “leave him alone, he is dead”. Reynolds was shot in his right cheek exiting at the top, he was playing dead the whole time, so basically it was the Apache kid who saved his life but the Sherriff could not survive long after. Middleton, walked back down to Riverside . While driving on through Riverside, I took photos of old houses and the sign on the Florence-Kelvin Highway. What happened to the Apache kid? Some say he lived on and was buried near Apache kid Peak in New Mexico @ Cyclone saddle. The stagecoach driver Middleton lived in an apartment complex in Globe, Az and died in 1929.

Old house in Riverside
Florence-kelvin/ Apache kid sign

Marvel comics had comic books after the Apache kid and had a movie in 1941. I think it would be great if Marvel made a movie now on the Apache kid!!! Just a thought!

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