Remnants of Harshaw ghost town

In 1887, a man by the name of David Harshaw, a rancher was grazing cattle in This area and he located silver, calling it “Hermosa”which means “beautiful”. The mine he found is up on a hill and had more than 350,000 in ore back in 1880. Harshaw had 2,000 people and about 150 people worked at this mine and another 20 at the stamp mill. This town had 7 saloons,a boarding house, hotel, shops, and The Arizona Bullion newspaper. A man by the name of James Finley came from Tucson and paid $600 for his Mine and Finley revived the mine on a small scale, it had about 100 people in 1903. His house is a red brick house and is registered as a National historic house, here is a picture of it!Then James Finley passed away and the price of silver dropped and the so the post office diminished in March 4, 1937. Then Asarco came in and reopened it and continued mining until 1956. Today The mine is open again. Here is the cemetery. And pics of this area.u

When we drove through this area, the Hermosa mine was open, and a gate encompasses the area of this mine, very busy and a lot of workers are employed there.

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4 responses to “Remnants of Harshaw ghost town”

  1. Nice job on this explore!

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    1. Thank you so much!!!

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  2. I’ve been to Harshaw several times going to Duquesne. Never seen the red brick house unless I passed it on the way to the townsite. I look for old trade “good for” trade tokens.


    1. Yes, it is up the road on the right side of the road, it is a registered historic home of James Finley.


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