The Palo verde nuclear generating station

After watching what happened in Russia, when a nuclear explosion happened, I felt it would be a good idea to discuss this Major nuclear power plant! Everyone needs to know this information, here in Arizona.

Palo verde is the largest generator of electricity in the U.S for the 23rd consecutive year and produces more than 30 million Mwh in 2014 for the tenth time. It is located on a 4,000 acres deep and way out west , 50 miles west of Phoenix. It serves electricity to 4 million people in Arizona, Southern California, New Mexico and as far as West Texas. The plant began construction in 1976 and completed in 1988 and has three units and which is unlike the others. Basically it is the Largest nuclear power plant in America.

People want and need to know if it is safe? The main key is the design and this plant has very thick steel and concrete domes designed to withstand massive impacts and to keep radiation from escaping. After an explosion happened at the Palo verde plant, killing 31 people, the backup equipment kept running. This power plant uses treated wastewater for plant cooling.

Nuclear plants use heat producing during nuclear fission to heAt the treated wastewater, in nucleAr fission atoms are split apart from smaller atoms releasing energy and fission takes place inside.

What happens if this power plant exploded?

The truth is this, IF, If this plant EVER did, the affect would be catastrophic! Like Chernobyl! A scientist by the name of Dr. Brice Smith has stated that NucleAr power are uniquely dangerous source of electricity that will create serious risks especially if deployed on a large scale,including the potential of catastrophic reactor accidents on the scale of Chernobyl. The difficulty of managing lasting effects of radiation waste, increased likelihood of nuclear proliferation’s. For nuclear power to make a meaningful contribution to Co2 emissions 1,000 to 2,500 reactor would have to be operating globally by mid-century, which means moving a plant every one to 2 weeks.

In case of a meltdown, anyone in the 10 mile radius would need to get out of that area, but personally, if this happens, just to be safe, I would take this.

Stay inside, stay tuned, but the best place to be is underground , like basements, bunkers, caves And underground abandoned mines!Remember, the first few hours after the explosion is giving the highest levels of radiation, so act fast! Don’t take your sweet time, your life is at stake! Also buy a radiation suit along with the iodide potassium pills, and be on lookout for abandoned mines, and other places underground, if you can’t drive out of Arizona, which is what I would do personally, (learn backroads for fast escape!) Always think ahead, even if the Palo verde nuclear power plant is deemed “safe”, having a backup plan is wise!

Thank you for reading this, hope you liked it and learned something useful, please follow for more articles and share!


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