The mysterious “alien” Petroglyphs around the globe

When you look at these petroglyphs, what comes to your mind? It makes you wonder what the people from ancient civilizations were seeing and how terrifying it may have been for them to actually see what they drew!

Millions of people believe that these petroglyphs shown on the walls of caves is a sign our ancient civilizations were visited by aliens. And if these are not petroglyphs of “aliens” then what are they? Take a close look at these petroglyphs and you decide!

The ancient Australian aboriginals even have these pictographs in some of the caves. Some say they think these are drawings of spirits? Maybe they are “ancient astronauts” they are referred to as pseudoscientific idealism of these E.T.s that have made contact with humans in antiquity and prehistoric times. Proponents suggest that this contact has shaped our modern cultures, technologies, religions, even human biology. Their may be more of these petroglyphs still hidden, out in caves, and areas that have not been explored yet. It is up to you to decide , but with the amount of video footage of U.F.O’s and millions of people having testimonies on “alien” encounters, we must be open to the possibility of such existence. Think about the lights over Phoenix, and all the cases that people are seeing here in Arizona, How can we not take interest?

What are your thoughts on these petroglyphs? Please share with all of us, I want to hear your comments!

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