Tuzigoot and the ancient Sinagua indians

Anyone who loves history, archaeology or just has an adventurous spirit will love this National monument! The ancient Sinagua Indians lived Between 600 A.D to 1425 A.D. These people were very good in agriculture and very resourceful and culturally diverse. They inhabited the Arizona forests, canyons, grasslands and deserts of Central and Northern Arizona.

The word Sinagua is Spanish for “without water,” referring to the Sierra Sin Agua mountains near Flaggstaff.

Tuzigoot is an Apache phrase that’s been translated to “Crooked waters” referring to the nearby Pecks lake. It has a total of 97 ground level rooms.

The people entered into these rooms from the roof, the upper rooms probably had doorways through the side!
The view from the top of this hill, the beautiful verde valley!

Archaeologists found a lot of pottery, even the bones of the macaws, parrots!

Beautiful pottery found at Tuzigoot, used to bring fresh vegetables to the people at gatherings

It is believed the Sinagua people did trading as far south as Mexico and that’s were they got the Macaws 🦜!

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  1. Very interesting and informative! I had never heard about this ancient tribe so I found it to be a very interesting read!

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