Elgin, Az., The wine country of Arizona

Elgin is very beautiful and the soil is like the soil of France, perfect to grow grapes for wine!

As you drive up I-83, you see the beautiful and enchanting soft green rolling hills all around. With amazing views every way you look! It is a peaceful place for the cows and horses that graze in the fields of waving grass in the wind! Remarkable to view such a gorgeous place full of emerald green trees! Elgin is nestled in the Santa Cruz county, with a low population, and low crime rate. Basically, the crime rate of 16 per 1,000 making the crime rate near the average for all cities and towns of all sizes in America. According to the FBI crime data, your chance of becoming a victim in Elgin is 1 in 62.

Here is a list of the Elgin vineyards you can go and check out!

If you love animals, The Rancho Rossa vineyards, not only has wine tasting, but hosts a week long fundraiser to supports rescue missions to save animals from euthanization! One event they hosted is called “Yoga &puppies” This Sunday from 10:30 to 3:30 you come to this vineyard and help the “lil bit of love” rescue. Check the Rancho Ross’s page on Facebook!

This vineyard supports animal rescues and has wine tasting!

Next, Sonoita vineyards, hosts special events, including private and social events that include weddings throughout the year and has the famous Harvest fest celebration!Has great large lawn area and other great features as well!

Arizona hops and vines is considered number one for food and drink.

Dos Cabezas wineworks, you can book a tour

Willhelm family vineyards

Deep sky vineyards is rated number 6

R une wines is number 4

Callaghan, lightening ridge cellars , Kief-Joshua is rated number 2

Canelo hills vineyard and winery and number 8 is Village of Elgin Winery. So, now I want to share some photos of Elgin, enjoy!

Bright yellow flowers aligned I-83, making the drive even better!
This house really stood out from a lot of the others!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and if your a wine lover, definitely go check out Elgin and have a great time!

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