Parker canyon lake

Parker canyon lake is a really awesome roadtrip into the stunning Coronado National Forest! On your way up I-83S, is nothing but rolling hills, beautiful horses, a lot of green grass swaying in the wind. Massive amounts of beauty and comfortable temperatures.

No saguaros, just gorgeous green trees! Parker canyon lake is 132 acres, has a 5 mile cement trail that stayed close to the shoreline

On the trail, a flow of trees gives shade to trail walkers

There is fabulous scenery every which way you turn at this beautiful lake!

This lake has a concessionaire-operated country store where you can get a fishing license, or rent electric motorized, paddle boats and even the cute paddle boats!

The store closes on Tuesday-thursday
The marina

If you love fishing, this lake has sunfish, trout, catfish,Panfish, and bass

Benches surround the lake and is handicap accessible

For birdwatchers, you will see Roadrunners, bald eagles, osprey and all kinds of birds!

If you love animals like We do, you will spot the white-tailed deer, javelina, and other animals, we saw a whole family of white tailed deer crossing through!

On the way to Parker canyon lake, you will see the Canelo hills and nothing but beauty all around!
Along I-83s

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