Fighting cancer with desert cacti and other plants!

The cactus pear is a natural product in cancer chemoprevention!

The desert has many cacti and plants that serve as medicinal purposes. And think about it, these plants stand in the sun for hours upon hours, little to no water all day long!!! They survive temperatures over 100 degrees!!!!

Cancer prevention or chemotherapy based on bio active fractions or pure components that come from desert plants with known with cancer prohibiting properties suggest promising alternatives to current cancer therapy. The plants that grow on low nutrient soil and or are under harsh climatic conditions such as extreme high solar radiation and no water and susceptible to attack from reactive oxygen species and have evolved antioxidation defense systems.

Here are some of the names of these plants that researchers are studying that are being used for cancer research.

Pacific yew tree, the bark is used as two chemotherapy drugs that treat cancer
Arbus procatorius, is used to treat sarcoma on rats
Anacardium occidentale a fruit, with cashews, used forTreating Hepatoma

The Nigella saliva grows in Asia, and is being researched to treat Lung carcinoma

A beautiful flowering plant that is called The Nigella sativa
Euphoria peplums A.k.a Milkwood

This plant contains ingenol mebutate (picato) and is used to treat skin cancer! The sap of this plant is toxic to replicating human tissue.

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