Haunted places in Arizona!

Let’s face it, Arizona has hundreds of abandoned ghost towns, and deaths that have happened throughout it’s history! So, I have done my research very well on this topic. Now not all of you are keen on haunted places, but a lot of us are really curious about the “what if?” Me, Personally, I don’t scare very easy and am fascinated by it!

Okay, let’s start off with Tombstone! This place is considered as one of America’s most haunted. Here are the hotspots.

Bird Cage Theatre, Crystal Palace Saloon, Lorain motel, now guests do say, while at the Lorain motel, They report that things go missing and then are found later in the same spot they left it! Also, they claim a ghost of a man with a white beard walking around. Next, the Buford house bed & breakfast, built in 1880. This house has had Hollywood actors go there, such as John Wayne, Melissa Gilbert and more! Legend has it, a man named George Dave’s lived there. George loved his child hood girl named Petra, but she went with another man. In a fit of rage, he shot Petra and then himself. This happened in April of 1888 and was posted in the Tombstone Epitaph, Guests claim the ghost of George hangs out, the lights go off and on at 3 a.m and after they take pictures, he appears in some of them.

Jerome! Yes, A.K.A “The wickedest town in the west” a town where at least 9,000 people died. The Jerome grand hotel is worth spending the night! It was once used as a hospital from 1926-1950. One story was about a man who died underneath the elevator that was working fine,which leads some to believe his death was no accident!

Yuma Territorial Prison, the worst of the worst stayed in the scorching heated cells. Serial killers, insane inmates.

The Orpheus theatre in Phoenix! The Rosson house in Phoenix. People say, the doors lock by themselves, heat comes from unlit fireplace. They say it is haunted because of an unsolved murder of a caretaker died right outside the mansion in the 80’s.

Bisbee, Copper Queen hotel has had its share of interesting paranormal activity and is a very popular hotel. The oldest running hotel in Bisbee has had many guests freaked out. Check out the 6th season of Ghost adventures on the Copper queen hotel! Also, the Oliver house bed and breakfast is supposably haunted as well. Vulture mine-many men were hung at the tree.

Globe, Az has a jail , the Gila county jail that operated from 1910 to 1981 is said to be very haunted by the former inmates.

There are many Paranormal investigations going on in Globe. If you want to go on a paranormal investigation, Tickets are on sale at the Drift Inn Saloon. Also, The Boullion Plaza cultural center and museum in Miami or the Old Dominion commercial building @ 30 bucks per person, proceeds for restoration projects.

Crook Tunnel in Benson is haunted by a man by a Henry A. Marks, who was run over by a train after drinking a lot of beer back in 1912.

Here are a few Places you can go if you want to have Haunted house fun!

Zombie house @ 6700 E. Broadway

Gauntlet in Phoenix and Extinction also happening in Phoenix!

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