The history behind Copper creek ghost town

A photo of Copper creek when it was a town with 50 buildings and up to 500 people living there.

It started in the 1880’s when a man named E. R.Sibley, established the town to serve the mining company named Bunker Hill mining district. Copper creek is situated 3,993 ft above sea level and ten miles east Mammoth on a rocky dirt road deep inside the Gailuro Mts. Even A short line railroad was built there to haul ore 2 miles from the mine to the mill.

An old photo shows what’s left of the town’s castle, called The Sibley mansion/castle

The Sibley mansion had a second story balcony, many fireplaces, plastered and paper walls. Built Spanish style of quarried granite walls-adobe-cross walls. The patio had many fruit trees surrounding it. I can only imagine how beautiful it must have been!

The town once had many cafe’s, even a theatre and grocery stores, not to mention the Sibley mansion! This mansion, or castle was built to engage investors interested in backing the mining operations there.

The Copper creek town opened a post office on March 6, 1907 and ended August 31, 1942.

I found these other photo’s off the internet!

These people found this wayyyyy back! After I do my exploration, I will update everyone on what’s left!
The old general store!
I took this one!Most recent photo in October of 2019, so are the photos below all new!
A building once stood here!

I would love to explore further and share my recent findings with you soon!

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4 responses to “The history behind Copper creek ghost town”

  1. In the 90’s I spent 14 months core drilling up there. The first 35 days I camped under a huge cottonwood tree just upstream of the dam near the old post office. Every morning during the project, My first thought in the morning was “Life is Wonderful”. I have never had a job before or since give me that feeling. Copper Creek was magic to my soul.

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    1. Yes, it is a truly amazing place, very beautiful and tranquil!


    2. Yes, it is a hidden gem, thank you for such a lovely comment!


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