Creature of the desert, Skinwalker

The Navajo people have a legendary creature called “Skinwalker” a.k.a“shapeshifters” Although, this is a creepy and sensitive topic, I want people to be open about the topic. I want people to know the world is a place with many mysteries we don’t understand and are very scared to accept the things we don’t understand . Try to open up our minds. The photo above is not fake and was taken by a real person!

In the Navajo culture, the Skinwalker is a witch that can change into an animal like a dog, coyote, Fox, owls, or crows. This witch is called “ye naaldooshi” by the Navajo, meaning it goes on all fours. This is considered just one of the most dangerous.

The Navajo are a peaceful people and believe in both good and evil and that the Skinwalker are their to protect the land from strangers.

Skinwalker are mostly encountered around Native American reservations, but are spotted throughout America. The most common place is “The skin walker ranch” in Utah.

In ancient Meso America they call Skinwalker, Naguel. In order for the indigenous man or woman to shapeshift, they must make a pact with the devil.

A pre-Columbia’s chatino stela depicting a naguel transforming into a jaguar
A “Skinwalker”

Shapeshifting can happen in Native American dances, songs and through wardances. They dress in feathers and animal pelts in order to activate the animal spirit. Many people claim to have seen Skinwalker sand many stories are told, you ask is it possible, the answer is “anything is possible” Just as people have seen “Bigfoot, the rake, ghosts, the Loch Ness” monster! Hundreds of people are coming out and telling their stories. All I can say is “Be careful out there” especially on Halloween.

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