Places to see Fall colors in Arizona

Here in the Sonora desert, the desert speaks in Fall colors

After drinking my coffee this morning, I thought about how much I love Fall! Who can’t love baggy sweaters and hot cocoa and the leaves changing into beautiful colors? I want people to know some of the best places to capture the bare essence of Fall in Arizona.

Sedona, oak creek canyon

Sedona, has bright yellow fire of Aspen trees with bright red backdrops surrounding the West fork. This is a definite must see place along with the Red rock state park. The best viewing is in October. You can take a tour on the verde canyon railroad to really see the spectacular beauty of foliage and red rock!

Next is Flaggstaff

Flaggstaff is a great place to experience Fall colors!

In Flaggstaff, head to the Coconino National Forest for great hiking and crisp air!Also, check out the Aspen trees against the dormant volcano Humphreys peak. The scenic drive on Flaggstaff Hart Prairie Rd. Is about a 7.5 mile trip and will put a smile on your face as you will see the San Francisco Peaks.

If you live around Tucson, Mt. Lemmon has always been a favorite of mine since my High school years!

Mt. Lemmon is the bomb!

Arizona is not just cacti, it is diverse and very beautiful, with lots to do! For example, you can grab apples for a freshly baked apple pie, at the Apple Annie farm in Wilcox. Also, you can take the kids through a corn maze at the Buckelew farm. Or check out the Boyce Thompson Arboretum State park, just ten miles from Superior, Az.

Well, there you have it, Arizona’ s best fall sightings, and I’m sure you may have your favorites as well, please share your ideas with us! Thank you so much for reading and Have a wonderful weekend!


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