The top ghost towns in America;

We start in Arizona! With Ruby ghost town

In America, we have hundreds and hundreds of abandoned ghost towns! But, I am going to go Over the top 6, starting with Ruby ghost town here in Arizona!Now, Ruby is considered Arizona’s best preserved ghost towns. After Ruby, Vulture city ( you can read my article about it)

A building in Ruby ghost town

Ruby had it’s share of trouble from Apaches to the Mexican bandits who came to steal and murder. Ruby was founded as a mining camp in the Santa Cruz county way out in a remote area in Bear valley. The original name was Montana camp because the camp was right at the foot of Montana Peak.

Montana peak Elevation is 5,370 ft
Ruby ghost town
Equipment house in Ruby
School house
Old photo of the entire town of Ruby
The general store in the 1930’s, this is where the Mexican bandits robbed and killed the two owners, a couple.

Next, Bodie ghost town

Bodie was named after the prospector W.S Bodey, later changed to Bodie after a painter misprinted it, and many loved Bodie much better!

Bodie is located in the Bodie hills east of the Sierra Nevada mt. Range of the Mono county, California. It is 75 miles SE of Lake Tahoe, 12 miles East of Bridgeport where the elevation is 8,379 ft.

It was a boomtown in 1876 after gold was discovered. By 1879 it had ten thousand people living there.During 1877, a company named Standard co. Produced a whopping $784,523. That is $17.5 million today! Bodie is considered a “Cold” spot. Few places in the world can boast about temperature swings to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. It gets extremely cold in winter!

W.S. Bodey died in a blizzard, before he got the chance to see the town really boom. After words, people claimed that the town became cursed! Many people who have taken tokens from this ghosttown claim, they got bad luck and soon returned these items with letters that are at the rangers office in Bodie! So, if you ever take a trip to this ghost town, don’t even think about taking anything, not even a rock off the land!

Map of Bodie
Bodie is definitely One of America’s baddest ghost towns!

Church in Bodieo

Kennecott, Alaska
Kennecott mine is 322 km east of Anchorage
Bannack ghost town In Montana

Last, Batsto village, NJ
The grocery store and the Batsto mansion behind it.

Batsto village is in the South central Pinelands of New Jersey. The village stems all the way back to 1766! You can check out the Facebook page on it.

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