Safety for off-roading through remote areas

Way out in the desert! You don’t want to get stuck out there!

For those of us who have a passion for off-roading! A friend had recently told me, he went off-roading and got stuck, so he called his wife to come out with the chains! He never thought it would happen to him! But honestly, things happen! So, I am going to give you important information, before I give you the trails!

When you decide to go out to remote areas, ALWAYS communicate and tell somebody where you are going! Even post it on Facebook, it doesn’t matter, just do it! Remember the movie 127 hours or something like that, when that guy had to cut off his arm?! He forgot to tell anyone where he was going, don’t put yourself in a bad situation!

Always bring a weapon, just to be safe, you never know what is out there and should always have a backup weapon! Especially for the ladies! I carry a gun, because I go out to remote places.

Make sure your vehicle is full of gas, full of water , stocked with food and fully tuned-up, meaning it has great breaks and is capable of anything out there! Take it in to a mechanic and have it checked out first!

Know the weather forecast, focus on the skies, use common sense! If you have common sense, you will succeed!

Make sure you have a gallon of water or more, if you bring your dog or any pet, bring extra dog food etc.! Make sure your pet has everything it needs!

If you are going on an unknown trail, test it first before you drive on it, by walking it or if you have a drone, use it! Don’t risk getting lost!

If your car does break down out there, STAY by your car, unless you know exactly where you are and can call for help, some cars, like my Jeep have a “911” button in it already installed! Just pop up the hood or trunk to De-note a “Help needed” Just remember, a car can be seen for many miles, but a person on foot can be difficult to spot!

Remember to leave wildlife alone! And if your car does get stuck way out there, make a very smoky fire using whatever you Gt, and at night make it as bright as you can!!!!! Also, bring extra blankets and warm clothing, just in case, it does get chilly at night! Happy off-roaring and Happy Halloween peeps!

Thanks for reading! Next, some trails to check out for the desert off-roading experience!


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