Top Beginner tips for off-roading

Stuck in the mud!

If your just beginning to drive off-road, your gonna need to learn these tips! When you go out on your adventure make sure you drive the fire roads, now you don’t have to, but by doing this it will help you get familiar with your car. To see how it handles sand, and any other obstacles, even mud!

Air down your tires, You don’t have to, but 30 psi-45 is max. This gives your tire more surface area and can give you more grip.

Don’t floor it! It can cause your car to hop, go slow and steady! If you are going up and your losing grip, try turning the wheel in a different direction, left or right. Remember, when coming to slope, GO STRAIGHT, don’t take slopes at an angle because if you do that, your car will be more likely to flip! Sounds terrible, but it happens!

If you are ever in doubt, get out and check under your vehicle, don’t just make assumptions that it will be okay, it’s just a crack in the road or just a rock!

Don’t ever use the tow hitch ball, it is fast like a bullet and can kill you! Just use google search on your vehicle to learn about it and see what it can and can’t do and always bring straps for removing things off the road, like boulders or trees and whatever else is out there! Don’t get stuck out there! Use common sense out there!

So, thanks for reading, share this with everyone and have a great weekend!!!! Don’t forget to follow me and receive more informative articles here on this Amazing site!!!


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