Resources to find off-road trails

This off-road is at Copper creek near Mammoth, Az

As an adventurer, it’s important to find the right trails to drive. Everyone has different ideas on what they look for in an off-roading experience. For me, going on a trail makes me excited and very happy, as it should! There are different reasons for each one of us to find certain areas.

Here goes! A map! Yep, a regular map is always great to have in your vehicle! Also going on Google search!, now some of these sights do charge and if that doesn’t bother you then go ahead and pay! is a favorite of mine because it shows pictures of the trails and what the scenery is like! And it won’t cost a cent!

Google maps, Of course, Trail Recon, forums. Here is one, we don’t always think about! How about that ranger station?! Yes! These guys can tell you so much about the area, including if there are ghost towns around or mines!Maybe ruins of ancient Indian tribes!

Here is a good App to have called Gaia app, it helps you track your route and find other ones!

How about books! Books are a great resource, I have one that is awesome! Inside it has maps and photo’s !

This is a book well worth buying and keeping in your vehicle!

Also Magellan app,
See, here are a ton of resources to go have some fun!

Travel responsible, don’t throw your trash out there, keep it clean! Thanks for reading this, hope this helps you out! Stay safe and blast your music! Have a blast!!!!


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