The legend of Apache tears and the history of Superior, Az.

The cliffs of Apache leap stand 4,728 ft above sea level!

In July of 1870, a raid attracted Company B of the Arizona volunteers, noticed where the great warrior Apaches were hanging out at what used to be “Big Picacho”. The Apaches were not bothering anyone and just wanted to relax, until the U. S. Calvary discovered the secret trail up to what we call Apache leap. Their was approximately a total of 75 Apaches. The Apaches were shocked and outnumbered. The soldiers shot the Apache warriors, but rather some of them be captured by the white men, they became heroic brave warriors and jumped to the death.

Apache tear stones are said to have spiritual powers for emotional grieving and sadness

An unidentified blogger wrote “We are the voices of our ancestors of Cherokee, Mohawk, Apaches, Coahuilthican,Seminole, Choctaw, Cherokee, Lakota,Oneida, Seneca and all tribes. We are their people made real in present, the 7th generation to someone who dreamt of our existence. The ones who refuse to forget our relatives who died for what still belongs to us-this land. We are the faces of of all who walked The Apache trail of tears. The long walk and all forced removals.

Some claim a lot of paranormal activity happens in the small town of Superior at the bottom of The cliffs of Apache leap. I recently watched a show that had a team of paranormal investigators who did an episode in Superior, Az( not sure what the name was)Here is a picture I took. That really struck me!

See, their is something on this investigators back?!!!! Creepy stuff ah?

Now, let us learn about Superior, Az., originally called “Queen” and became a mining town in 1875. It was filed by W. Tuttle and the Irene mine, claimed by P. Swain in the year of 1876. Together, it became known as the Silver Queen mine. Then in 1910, Colonel Boyce Thompson renamed it as “Magma copper company.

By the 1950’s, Magma became the eighth largest copper producer in America
Aerial footage of the mine in Superior, az
Old photo of the miners in Superior, Az.

Today, Superior , Az is a striving community . And has a population of 3, 141 people. Has two major attractions. One is the Boyce Arboretum, and the Worlds smallest museum that has a lot of historic artifacts.

Today, a minining company named Resolution copper company has a huge scale project that you can check out on the internet and learn about.

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