The Sobaipuri & Papago of Patagonia Lake

This site of petroglyphs is considered sacred and can only be viewed once a month by tour only
A Sobaipuri Native American
Lake Patagonia in November of 2019

Between 1400-1900, The Sobaipuri (Soba’s) “spotted”. They had large white dots all over them. These native’s were a subgroup of O’odam or Pima along with Papago Indians lived in The Patagonia lake/Sonoita creek area.

The Sobaipuri where around when the Europeans first entered the southwest. They are the most studied protohistoric (late prehistoric and early historic) are less studied than most other time periods, especially in that area. The Sobaipuri were said to be very muscular and very honorable peaceful people. The pottery made by them was very simple. It was Eusebio Kino, a.k.a Father Kino, in 1691 was traveling along the Santa Cruz river, when he met the leaders of the Sobaipuri tribe.

Eusebio Kino A.k.a Father Kino, he explores the region and worked with the Papago (desert people, also known as Tohono O’odham ,

An archaeologist by the name of Deni Seymour has studied the Sobaipuri for the last thirty years and has documented over 80 sites by them.

Archaeologist, Deni Seymour

In 1994, 3 sites were found in the Santa Rita Mts., that may have been used as getaway sites, since the Apache Indians were “bullies” and they wanted to getaway from the Spanish. Also may have been used for hunting and gathering. The houses they made were small dome shaped elongate and oval, 6-7 ft long and about 5 ft. Tall.

It is believed the Apaches drove the Sobaipuri out of the region. The Pima Indians referred to the Papago, as “bean eaters”as they were highly competitive.

Here is a Tohono O’dham lady in 1890, they are known as highly skilled basket weavers, very beautifully crafted!

Tohono O’dham lady circa 1890

The petroglyphs found near Lake Patagonia are of deer, snakes, some represent gods or humans and is a 3 mile hike.

Here is one of the petroglyphs found near Lake Patagonia

You can only access these by a representative.

Up on the bridge at the lake

So, if you go exploring and find an arrowhead that is serrated with a distinctive basal notch, it’s from the Sobaipuri!

The entrance fee at Lake Patagonia is $15 during weekday and $20 on weekends, a great place to fish, walk the birding trail and camp out!. The number to call for questions is #520-287-6965. Also, there are Great off-road trails there, you can find them on or use the resources I wrote in my article on where to find off-road trails! Have fun!

Thank you so much for reading this, hope you liked it! Have a great weekend and stay safe! Tell your friends about this site!


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