Adventure off-roading in Patagonia, az!

We decided to go check out the Patagonia-Sonoita creek preserve, but ended up following the Road it was on 150 Blue Heaven. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed and like many of you, our pets are family and go with us on trips. Usually, we have no clue where we will be exploring and always end up in crazy but exciting situations! We followed the paved road, west up onto the dirt road and started seeing stunning landscape! That is after passing the conservancy.

No dogs, except service animals allowed here!

Here, in this article I will show you what’s out there, but advise that if you do go, make sure you use high clearance vehicles only as it is very rocky and can raise your blood pressure!

You will pass a locked gate with this Asarco mining sign
Asarco sign, they have three copper mining properties in Arizona
You will see these ruins off to the left of the dirt road
Remains of ancient Papago, now called Tohono’odham, home, but It May also be from a different tribe that lived in the Patagonia area
Up the dirt road, we almost pass this, so we stopped and I took these pics
Looks like a flooded mineshaft, it goes pretty far back too!
We went on to Amado, then to I-19, Green Valley and back to our home
At the end, it gets a little scary as the road narrows
This area scared me, going around this rock! Be very cautious!

On this off-road, we did see people riding bikes and a man riding his atv, he was excited to see us and told us The ghost town trail was open, but we saw the gates with chains, so we did not go in or near it. This is a very fun, yet tough trail, but well worth it, if you seek adventure and excitement! Be cautious and always bring water and be prepared for anything!

Thanks for reading and follow me for more exciting articles! Have a great holiday season!


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